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Website Development

ARH Design Academy

ARH Design Academy


ARH Design Academy



The Discovery

Millennials- Seeking Mentors- Creative

ARH Design Academy is an educational institution that helps students prepare for various designs examination. They wanted a website that showcases the core tenets of their culture intact, that is Be bold, confident, playful and engaging. The website should not be corporate or invasive. Content needs to be written in a manner that is confident, relatable and anecdotal. Reiterate that we are a friendly and approachable institution.

Kicking off with the discovery meeting, the website was for children and their parents. It was important that the website educated the parents about design and architectural field as this information is lacking among them. Brand Identity Research

Brand Identity Research

After extensive research and interviews with clients and their customers, we weaved the following six elements together to create a brand identity and conveyed it through their website’s design.


Confident, Clear, Approachable


Empathy, Playful, Confident


Passion, Understanding, Dedication

Self Image

Practical Knowledge, Trust, Community


Creative, Bold, Confident


Mentorship, Approachable, In safe hands

Mobile Minded

As a large number of visitors on the website were coming from mobile, we worked extensively to ensure a highly responsive website, no matter what the device used.

Focus was on :

Improved user experience

Faster loading speeds

Positive Ranking Signal

The Showreel

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