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Website Development

The SpaceArch

The SpaceArch


The SpaceArch



The Discovery


The Space Arch is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning firm based in Pune. 

They approached us with an intent to find and communicate brand strategy, positioning statement, and user profiles on their website. With this brief MMAG created a website that captures the spirit of their work.

Kicking off with the discovery meeting, the ideal client was someone who was looking for luxury, modern and unique projects in Architecture, landscaping etc. Keeping that in mind we started working on all the individual elements that would help communicate this message.

Brand Identity Research

After extensive research and interviews with clients and their customers, we weaved the following six elements together to create The Space’s brand identity and conveyed it through their website’s design.


Modern, Bold, Elegant.


Young, Ambitious, Stylish, 


Sustainability, Responsibility towards society, Client satisfaction.

Self Image

Youthful, Successful, Glorious, Classy


Perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Trustworthy and honest relationship with a blend of friendship. 

Mobile Minded

As a large number of visitors on the website were coming from mobile, we worked extensively to ensure a highly responsive website, no matter what the device used.

Focus was on :

Improved user experience

Faster loading speeds

Positive Ranking Signal

The Showreel

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