Are you looking to maximize your sales through your e-commerce shop?

We understand that E-commerce businesses have very different marketing requirements than other clients, and we work closely with you in order to set up a model which maximizes your reach to the correct buyers and in turn help increase your sales.

What problem do we solve?

Analyse Apply Adapt

Strategy Creation

Working with 100+ clients we have the experience to guide you in selecting your advertising avenues and allocate the required budgets to get the results that you desire. Our experienced team creates creative strategies and sales funnel so as to classify different leads and to maximize the return on your investment.


We set up various Ads account and execute various Ad sets that have been developed. By continuously tracking the conversion of Ads for any event like purchase, App download, e-mail signup or lead generation etc we get a continuous status of how the ad is working.


We strive to achieve a high Return on investment for your ads, and so we continuously monitor the performance of the Ads and optimize them. Be it keywords creatives or lead quality, every parameter is analysed so as to maximize the returns on Ads being run.

Our Process

Understanding your business

We like to work closely with our clients to understand the intricacies of their business. What problem do we solve for the end customer, what are the advantages of our services, what our competitors do and other important points are studied to determine and formulate a strategy to achieve our marketing and sales objectives.

Mapping Target Group

It is essential to understand who our buyer is so as to maximize our impact. Apart from the factual data like age, gender, location etc, we also dive deep on the Psychological aspects of human nature. Observations like the interest and behaviour, hobbies, values, personality etc help us to qualify the correct lead and maximise the performance of any activity.

Optimize Digital Assets

With all the planning and strategy in place, our experienced team starts executing work on various fronts like website, app development, social media etc. Promoting media with our accurate targeting coupled with creative imagery makes sure that your ads don’t become invisible in the heard of similar ads floating around

Analytics and optimization

‘What gets measured gets improved’ we like to follow this philosophy strictly. Whether it’s social analytics, website or campaign analytics we leave no stone unturned to get the maximum out of all the marketing activities so as to get the maximum result. 


Let’s talk about how MMAG can work for your business.