Market Research

In SEO, every segment, sector, service of business works on a dynamic & ever-changing set of keywords and metrics. With our experience and our fine-tooth comb, we are able to catch the one that fits your company's profile and target.

Competitor Analysis

It is important to know where your biggest business rivals stand in the SEO landscape if you wish to stay digitally ahead. At Accelerate, we do an in-depth analysis of your competitors SEO strategy to help you up your game.

Monitoring Keyword

As people change the way they search, so do keywords! Voice-based search will demand an all-new set of keywords, and already more than 20% of the global searches are done by voice! Hence, it is safe to say that keywords are ever-changing and ever-evolving.

Search Engine Optimization

What was the last time you visited second page of google search? Off-course you didn’t, generally no one does. They say that ‘best way to generate organic traffic to your website is by ranking in first page of search engines like google’. Your potential customers are out there, looking and searching for a plethora of ideas on Google & other platforms. It is critical that you place yourself right when they’re looking for solutions to their problems and that’s not all; digital marketing allows your branding & communication to be less intrusive and more inbound. But for your solution to be seen, your website must be ranked above your competitors’.
Our SEO(Search engine Optimization) team at MMAG, work round-the-clock to ensure that your brand brings in more organic searches and inbound conversations. We’ll ensure that your product or service CTA reaches out to everyone looking for it.