The New Age shoppers don’t physically window shop anymore, they download applications. 
Apps have become the quintessential shopping tools that shoppers carry in their pockets. 
Building an app serves two purposes at once – You reach your audience and they can reach you as well.
Having an app is like having a virtual store where users can browse, explore and buy your products and services.
You save money on an actual brick and mortar store while still banking on your target market.

When building a mobile app

There are two major platforms to choose from :

The code for a native app doesn’t work on both platforms. Both platforms require a different code and the users of both platforms behave differently. Luckily, we know how to build two different apps from scratch in order to meet the requirements for each operating system.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer for your app :

User - Flow

The most important factor of an app is its user - friendliness. Users are usually impatient and prefer a smooth - functioning, fast app. We build sophisticated and user - friendly apps.

Mock - up

A mock layout of your application is designed and shown to you according to the needs of your business. We design a layout that incorporates built - in app purchases, advertisements, pay per download services or any other customizations according to the needs of your business.

Latest designs and softwares

The apps we build are orderly, supported by the newest technology. We create apps that accomodate all the elements of your brand and transform them into sophisticated platforms serving your purpose.


This one is a no - brainer. Your data and the data of your app users must be protected from external online elements as well as hackers. An app contains various gateways for payments and processing personal information of your clients which require full proof security.

Timely Updates

We evolve and update your app according to the needs and preferences of the market and your audience. MMag ensures that your update game is always on top and at par with the highest industry standards.